Blog #1

Hi I’m Ryan Saunders. I like to say that I am an under average television viewer. I don’t like spending that much time watching television, because I’m usually working, playing hockey, or attending class. If you do find me watching television it is usually the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, and the Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. series. I’m a huge Chicago Blackhawks, and Chicago Cubs fan, so I try to watch every single game. On occasion I’ll watch Seinfeld or Two and a Half men, but it’s usually limited. I’ve heard very good things about the show Scandal, so I have recently started watching that.

I believe this upcoming challenge of watching three seasons of “The Wire” is going to be something new for everyone. I’m not sure about others but I’ve never really watched a show and had to blog my reactions to it. I think this will be an interesting new course for me and a lot of other people. Blogging makes you think of what the message, and story of the episode really is. I personally think it will be a challenge, but everyone has their own opinions so in some cases you can’t be wrong. The watching part of the three season of “The Wire” won’t be the hard part. If we wanted to, we could sit down and binge watch a whole ten episodes a day if you had the time. I like challenges, and I’m looking forward to this class.

I haven’t heard much comment on the Baltimore based television show. I’ve talked with a few people who have watched a little bit of the series, and they’ve told me pros and cons about it. Some have said that it is a very interesting television show, and some have said that it can be hard to understand if you aren’t paying close attention. From the small introduction we received on Thursday, “The Wire” showed to be tough to understand if you don’t pay close attention to the dialogue.

From this experience, I hope to become a better analyzer and writer of television shows. Like I said earlier, this is something new to me, and I would like to become stronger on my writing abilities when it comes to analyzing material. Being able to understand the television show is an important thing overall. I would also like to work on my ability to understand what the message/theme of an episode is. By doing that, this will help my writing abilities, and I’ll be able to write and explain myself better.

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8 Responses to Blog #1

  1. Joe Dombek says:

    Go Hawks! That’s cool that you play hockey, I know your brother was big into hockey too (hopefully you’re not a wolves fan like he is). I wish I could skate because I think it would be fun to play. As you said though I think this is a new experience for most of us with the blogging. I think it will be a fun challenge though since so far the show has been really good.


  2. Analyzing television is an important skill to have in today’s’ digital age, and it’s by having this skill you can pick apart the culture of a show and then interpret it in a way that can better further your knowledge.


  3. Emma Hajny says:

    First of all: GO CUBS!!! Just needed to put that out there. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge Cubs fan as well but I’m convinced that I’m bad luck because whenever I have time to watch a game, they end up losing! Even if I just peak in, the other team scores a run! So I’ve started to avoid watching games, just in case there’s some truth to my curse. I hope you enjoy The Wire even though it doesn’t sound like something you would watch.


  4. Just Rhyan says:

    Go Sox! When I followed baseball I found myself to be a sox fan. However, over the years my interest in the sport has faded so I don’t really have an allegiance anymore. I feel that settling for a product that falls below the standard is counterproductive whether that be a television show or a sports team. However, if the Cubs don’t win it all this year I’m suggesting the teams combine and have one of the best pitching staffs ever created to go along with a stout offense… Just a thought. Have a great semester.


  5. I also want to be a better analyzer of what I watch but also what is so pre eland in today’s media. I think it’s cool you would rather be out doing things and having fun than watching television all the time. The dialogue is very trickery in this show but hopefully as a class we’ll make our way through it.


  6. Bro, I’m a huge fan of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Cubs. I can related to your television viewing because I find myself watching a lot of Chicago sports also, and I’ve watched the show Scandal a few times but it didn’t really catch my attention as other series. I would like to improve my skills analyzing TV as well.


  7. Blackhawks are the best!!! Cubs, not so much… Your view on television is very different than most of the people in this class. You stick to what you like and I’m interested in what your reaction of The Wire will be.


  8. Shada Cook says:

    The only sport I watch on TV is football! I’m a huge New Orleans Saints fan, so I can understand wanting to be tuned into every game. I also agree that blogging about a television show is a really good way to both analyze and understand a series on a deeper level. Luckily, a bunch of us are just starting the show too and can possibly help each other out.


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