The Wire Episodes 1-6

The Wire has been hard to follow-up to this day. While watching The Wire, I feel the need to have to go back and re-watch certain parts of the episodes just to understand what I am watching. The pace of the show seems to go by slow, but the dialog and everything that is going on seems to go by fast. If you look away from what you are watching for a second, you may miss something that is a key part to the episode or whole series.

When we first started watching the first episode we were kind of thrown into the middle of an unknown scene. The man who was murdered was named Snot Boogie, and he was killed over a game which was later figured out by Detective McNulty. The suspect for Boogie’s killing is D’Angelo Barksdale, whom is part of the Barksdale gang. Barksdale is released because there was no evidence that he killed Boogie. McNulty feels like there is something fishy going on with Barksdale, and wants to keep a good close eye on him.

A scene that was very interesting to me happened pretty early on. The scene that I am referring to is when D’Angelo Barksdale believes that the inventor of the Chicken Nuggets was just someone who lived in a basement, and came up with that idea. He thinks that the owner of them are just in it for money, rather than power and leadership. He wants to make sure everyone knows that the owner is in it for the money, and not for anything else.

Wallace seems to back up the owner of the Chicken Nuggets, and he wants to have the last word after D’Angelo. He doesn’t think that this guy is just hanging out in the basement of some house. He’s not just here to make money. Wallace knows the metaphor of the business side of this, but he wants to make a stand to D’Angelo that he is wrong. I like that about Wallace.

Detective Ellis pushed Detective Greggs out of her bubble a little too far. I think it was a ballsy move that Detective Ellis asked Greggs when she realized that she was interested into women more than men. Normally, men wouldn’t just ask a girl when she suddenly realized that she liked the opposite sex. This draws up a question of is it because she is a cop in a mshakima-kima-greggs-300ale dominated career? Or is Detective Ellis just wanting to know the truth.




Bubbles is a character that makes me laugh. Obviously he has been through about everything, but it’s crazy what some people do for money. In the 6th episode, Johnny is back on the streets with Bubbles. To gain some drug money, they steal some copper and sell it for a small portion of money. There is clearly something wrong with them, and they need more help. All they want to do is steal, and buy more drugs. Johnny wants to buy more drugs, and goes out and does so. In the process, he is arrested by the police. Many would think that if he was already in rehab that it would have stopped him from doing more drugs, but as you can see he is back where he started.

The Wire has become more understanding the more I watch, and the more I read articles on it. This series is going to take some time to get used to and understand, but once you get going it’s not too shabby.

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3 Responses to The Wire Episodes 1-6

  1. jpchown says:

    I would start the blog with your comments on Bubbs and not the complaining, which comes across as whining. Lead with strength, it’s more interesting. When you hyperlink to Collins, make sure we know why–tell us more about what the guy is saying. I think the question that Ellis asks is a little over the line, but it does seem like the cops specialize in pushing each other over anything they can get–part of the organizational bonding maybe.


  2. Emma Hajny says:

    I liked your analysis of the chicken nugget scene and how you tied it in with the article your hyperlinked. I also liked how you started of struggling to understand the show but then by the six episode, you’re finally starting to get into it. Hopefully, your interest will continue to grow.


  3. I like how you discussed your struggle with the understanding of the show, I understand how with some shows it is hard to get into at first and how if you are not paying attention, you miss a lot of information and end up totally confused.


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