Episodes 7-13

The first thing that caught my eye the most was the last episode to wrap up this season of The Wire.

Starting off with Greggs coming out of her coma and being able to point out one of the shooters. The one thing that was very noticeable to me was the fact that she didn’t want to point out the second shooter.Even though she didn’t see who was shooting, she refused to point to the person of who shot at her. This gives us a sense that Greggs wants to be able to heal up as fast as she can and get back on to duty. She wants to be able to go after the person that shot at her, and be able to work again. Instead of pointing out who she thought was the shooter, deep down you can tell she wants to get back on her own feet and work out the process of finding the shooter.

When Bunk and Daniels go to visit D’Angelo in jail he says that he wants to be given a second chance. He wants to be able to start over, and re-do what he just got himself into. He says, “I want to start over. I want to be able to go anywhere where I can breathe.” D’Angelo wants to be free again. He claims that he would give them the more detail on what they are looking for if he gets freed. the-wire-d





In episode 12, McNulty has trouble arresting Stringer when he really wanted to. It turned out that McNulty didn’t have enough evidence to arrest him right then and there. But in reality Daniels was able to take Avon off the streets because there was a tie there. McNulty feels like his job is just drifting away from him slowly, but he isn’t going to give up anytime soon.

Another thing that caught my eye was when there was some cross-action going on during Episode 10 and Episode 13. In episode 10, Bubbles is caught up in watching a drug deal going on around some kids at the park. By the look on his face, Bubbles looked to be concerned about this whole situation and really doesn’t look like he knows what to do about it. In my mind, Bubbles is starting to mature and slowly become the the_wire_bubblesadult he should be. In episode 13 though, he is shown going to steal copper on top of a van. I think it’s weird how they transitioned from giving a sense of maturity for Bubbles, and then in 3 episodes later, he is back to being the savage he already is.


In the upcoming episodes in Season 2, I’m hoping that Greggs makes it out of the hospital alive, and is able to find her shooters. I want to see her be able to get back on her feet and do her job of finding out whom shot her. I am also interested in seeing what’s going to happen to D’Angelo in jail. Will the Barksdale gang be defeated or will McNulty step up his game in the police world? We will soon find out!

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6 Responses to Episodes 7-13

  1. jpchown says:

    What’s driving Kima isn’t the need to get back out there, it’s that she’s ethical and won’t lie about the picture ID. Develop your hyperlink more–why should we go to it? Watch out about overdoing the “caught my eye” expression.


  2. I’m not sure Kima wanted to go out into the field herself and catch the shooter, she may have, but I think her real motive for not identifying the second shooter was that she wanted things done the right way. For the amount of “bad” cops we see in the show, it’s refreshing to see Kima is one of the good guys.


  3. Just Rhyan says:

    I’m excited to see what comes of the Kima situation as well. She seems to be a good cop but now she will have a bigger chip on her shoulder, could this lead to some change in her character?


    • Just Rhyan brings up a great point. What if the shooting turns Kima from a “model” cop to one of the other guys. Kima is a unique character because up unit the shooting she never showed any signs of corruption or self-interest, unlike almost everyone else. One thing I would alway expect was Kima doing or at least suggesting the right thing to do!


  4. Joe Dombek says:

    The thing you are forgetting about Bubbles in those two episodes is that in 10 he is clean and in 13 he is back to using again. When he is clean he is able to see just how messed up the world around him is with the drug dealing in front of children and how they are innocents witnessing the underbelly of their society at such a young and fragile age. When he is using all he cares about is that next high, and in order to get that next fix he needs money to pay for it, so the logical thing to him is to steal the copper piping so he can get high. The difference in him is whether he is in control or the drugs are in control.


  5. Emma Hajny says:

    Your take on why Kima doesn’t point out her killer is an interesting point. I’m not quite sure if she is really planning on going out to find justice herself but there is a slight possibility that is what she’s thinking about. Your interpretation is a lot more interesting than she was just trying to do the right thing because she didn’t get a good look at the other shooter. I’m not saying I think you’re right but it’s a good idea.


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