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At first, I wasn’t that big of a fan about The Wire. It took many dragged on episodes for me to understand what the plot was, and what was really being said. There were some times where I had to watch several episodes more than once. In the end, it turns out to be good. These first couple of episodes in season 2 have really picked up and brought in my interest. These episodes leave me with wanting more, in which makes me watch more episodes.

I find it very interesting in the article that we read about 23 things you may not know about The Wire, is that during the whole five seasons of the show there was only one cop that shoots off his gun. This cop is known as Prez. He shot it off three times and it’s just really surprising because in your typical cop shows there are scenes of maybe not guns but certain weapons used all the time. You would think especially with the gangs in this show that there would be some sort of gun fire exchanged between the two.

In the start of season 2, we come to note that Jimmy McNulty is put on duty at the harbor. This is one place that he never wanted to work at. We also realize that there are a few new characters that have been added.

One of the characters right off the bat is Frank Sobotka. Frank is the boss the Baltimore docks, and basically decides what goes on. He has many deals including, “The Greek” whom he is smuggling containers for.the-wire-season-2-tv-show-image-frank-sobotka






In the first episode, Sobotka’s plan to smuggle the container fails and police officer Beatrice Russell finds the containers full of dead women. This puts a very fishy eye out for Frank. Later on in the episode Avon, who is still in prison, sends Stringer to New York to find out what is really going on. They paid for the drug supply but never received it. This goes to show that Avon is still trying to run his drug ward inside of prison while he is there.

In the second episode of Season 2, Frank Sobotka seems to be frustrated about these dead women in the container. He isn’t sure what the cause of the deaths were but he feels the need to pay a visit to “The Greeks”. I found it interesting after this that the case was put into officer Russell’s hands instead of a detectives. It makes more sense because she was the one that found the bodies. This brings back to the first episode where McNulty found the women floating dead on the water. He claims that this was something to do with this container. With more investigation, McNulty figures out that the containers breathing hole was crushed so that the women in the container suffocated and died. This episode makes you wonder what’s really going on and makes you want to keep watching episode after episode to find out.

In the third episode, a lot of things go on so you have to pay pretty close attention to what is happening. For me, I had to re-watch this episode because there was several things that were going on. One of the big things that popped out to me was that Lt. Cedric Daniels told McNulty he was going to be retiring soon. Frank Sobotka’s nephew Nick is having money troubles and calls for his cousin Ziggy to help him out. Since he isn’t in good shape, Nick and Ziggy steal goods from a container and sells the good to “The Greeks”. When you would think that Nick is trying to help his girlfriend and be a good guy he turns and does this kind of stuff. Avon’s demands led Stringer to keeping a close eye on the prison guard that has been harassing Avon. For some reason, he just has so much power in prison and it would interesting to get a behind the scenes look of it.

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3 Responses to On to the next one

  1. jpchown says:

    The hyperlink was supposed to be to an article outside the class readings–although it’s certainly an interesting point about how many cops shoot guns in the series. Do a little more with that. I wouldn’t start a blog post with complaints, it’s a disincentive to read further. Jump into what’s great about the show and develop it.


  2. I’ve become endeared to the show’s characters over time, and the lectures have really helped me to understand the plot better. As you said, what got me hooked this season was the mystery established right off the bat, which made me want to keep going (though it may turn out to be a red herring)


  3. I found it interesting what you said about none of the officers firing off their guns the entire show. It’s something I had no idea about and makes me wonder if it was deliberate on the creators part or if was some other reason all together.


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