The Ending to Season 2

When we watched the last episode of Season 2 in class I found the last scene that ended the series really interesting.

This is the scene where Nick Sobotka goes back towards the docks and stands by the fence. There is a lot of things that are happening in these closing last couple of minutes. The scene starts out with a wide shot of Nick walking up to the fence of the docks. You can tell that he is under a lot of stress and is clearly looking at something. Many of us thought something was going to happen because he had his back turned to the street, but nothing ends up happening. Nick knows he has to watch his back because they may be coming for him next.

I also found it interesting of the way the camera movement was chose in this scene. It starts off by slowly moving towards Nick’s head to show us the stress that he is in. The camera waits for a couple of seconds so that we as the audience really understands how he is feeling. The camera also kind of comes in from the back of him so it makes us believe that someone is going to come up from behind him and perhaps attack him.

Another thing that was interesting during this scene was when the construction worker was peeing on one of the containers and casually turned around and looked at the two cops that were sitting in the car. The construction worker started laughing and flipped off the two cops and turned the corner. I thought this was very interesting because usually if this was in the real world you could perhaps get into a lot of trouble for doing that. But what happened is that the cops just looked at each other and let him walk away. They just kind of accepted it and just let him go on with his life.

There was also a showing of Ziggy in jail which could have been held for a little bit longer. Since Ziggy is in jail, you would think that he doesn’t get much time to talk to people outside of jail. In the last episode we find out that Frank Sobotka dies, and clearly it has hit Nick pretty hard. Ziggy doesn’t know this news and I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with him. Not only because he is in jail, but because of the death of his Uncle.

The Greeks are the ones who killed Frank, and the police force were trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together before they could leave Baltimore. Unfortunately, they were not able to catch them in time. It was interesting to see the look on Lester Freamon’s face once he was taking the photos down off the evidence board. He stopped once he had the last picture up there. This picture was of The Greeks and Lester just stood there and stared at it for quite some time. He wanted to catch them but couldn’t.

The same thing happens at the end of the scene that happened in the beginning of the scene that I picked out. The camera focuses on just Nick, and follows him down the sidewalk. The camera pans to the left and watches as Nick keeps walking down the sidewalk next to the fence. The camera keeps going to the left and eventually pulls away from Nick and ends up showing the long sidewalk that he is headed down. In my head, I looked at it that the long sidewalk was the long road ahead for him and his family. nickysobotka_3007

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9 Responses to The Ending to Season 2

  1. maddee muuss says:

    The scene you first mention also stood out to me. I was convinced that something was going to happen to Nick. It seemed weird that there was a car following him and then he has his back to the street. The camera movement is what made this scene work. Without it, it would seem awkward and pointless.


  2. jpchown says:

    Graphics should be moved higher in the frame. Don’t overuse the word “interesting,” and I would drop the first person address. Attention to visual aesthetics was good–you obviously absorbed lessons from 356 well. Liked the analysis of the workers across the fence.


  3. Ian Murphy says:

    It makes sense for the season to end focusing on Nick, seeing as he was the focus for the most part. However, I would’ve liked more focus on other characters a bit more. Ziggy is in jail and our of the picture, but I felt he needed a bit more of a good-bye from the season, seeing the impact he left at the end. But being that Nick ties into all major storylines, it’s only fitting that he get the spotlight.


  4. The final scene of season 2 was also the scene I chose to write my blog post on. There was just so much to process in that small amount of time. I thought it was only fitting to write about that scene. We were taken through so much in so little time. I think that it was so fitting of the show to end a season like that. So many answers yet so many new questions left.


  5. This was a great scene, and I actually thought about choosing this scene as well. There is a lot going on, but I like how you focused on the Greek and Spiros. I am curious to see what will end up happening to these characters or if they will not have an important role in the upcoming seasons. The gang will be upset that these two got away, but I am sure they will have enough work cut out for them.


  6. I wish that the scene would have had more of a sense of Ziggy, how he reacted to the news of his father’s death, and what he was going through in prison. We saw a glimpse of that when Frank visited Ziggy in jail and they talked. I would have liked to see a shot in the ending scene with Ziggy and whether he was still his goofy self or if he had mellowed out.


  7. Luke Marotta says:

    I believe that Nick thought there was chance he was going to be killed when he was standing against the fence in this scene. The fact that he goes back to the docks shows he does not want to start his life all over again. He would rather die for showing his face at the docks than never be able to go back there again. As he looks out at the docks though I think he realizes that no matter what happens things will never be the same since Frank is dead and Ziggy is in prison.


  8. I think the best part about this ending was how things weren’t really wrapped up. Sure, we saw some conclusions, but a lot of them were also ambiguous. Nick was my favorite character throughout this season and I’m glad he was the main focus of this scene.


  9. Eric Palade says:

    I think that the ending scene does a great job at showing us that not all the big fish get caught. I’m glad you pointed that out and how he looked at those pictures longer and longer down the line at the ones that got away. The show does a great job at always going back to that season one chess scene, showing us that its mostly the pawns that get taken down. Its the king that is the hard one to get.


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