Black Lives Matter

Throughout the time that we have watched The Wire, we’ve recognized that the show shows multiple aspects on Baltimore. The show focuses on one side of Baltimore and it is shown in violent ways. The way drugs are handled, the set up deaths, and police brutality.These are things that are in society that have been around since the start of this show.

Black lives matter has been around for a little while and hasn’t changed. The movements and protests are throughout the country. When it comes to Black lives matter and The Wire there isn’t much of a connection. We don’t see almost any protests when it comes down to things. Unarmed characters aren’t getting shot out of the blue. There is one thing that does connect and that is the police brutality. Much of this reflects on not only in the show, but our every day life.

Black men are going to be watched and treated differently than white men because of this. Police brutality in my eyes has increased since the whole Black Lives Matter thing has started. There are many examples of how black men get mistreated in The Wire. There are scenes where Bodie gx240-fm4ets beat by Kida and this goes to show how men are treated in this community.





In a video I found online, Bodie is being interviewed on how Baltimore police have treated him since the start of Black lives matter. He seems to be frustrated with them because he gets blamed for stuff that he never even started. The police pulled him out of the bar that he was in, and arrested him for just being there. They thought he was the one that said something bad to them and falsely arrested him. Bodie goes into deeper detail on how he thinks that this is starting to become a normal thing all around the country, just not in certain states. Bodie is from New York and he understands some kind of police brutality, but he says it’s never as bad as Baltimore was and is pursued in The Wire.

In an article I found online, David Simon is interviewed on his thoughts of the whole Black lives matter. In my eyes, it seems that Simon isn’t a fan of Black Lives Matter because he doesn’t understand why people have make something worse than it already is. He goes on to say that burning places down and rioting to make notice of things doesn’t help. Since Simon worked and grew up in Baltimore, he knows that the city is well over policed. The police come out of the cracks when people don’t give a shit. When places are getting burnt down and police officers are getting shot there is going to be an overload of police.He also makes a point that Baltimore wants less policing but the people of Baltimore react in with non-peaceful protests and make things worse. He just wants people to take a step back and realize what they’re going to do in the long run.

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9 Responses to Black Lives Matter

  1. I like since there isn’t really a BLM connection to the show, you researched how some of the cast feels about the BLM movement. It’s unfortunate that police brutality is usually always against blacks, and the police feel that they can do whatever they want. I agree, it has gotten worse since the movement but I think it’s because of the new “blue lives matter” and I guess they feel threatened. How we pose a threat by protecting ourselves? I do not know.


  2. maddee muuss says:

    I disagree that The Wire and Black Lives Matter do not have a connection. They are connected because they both deal with police brutality. In The Wire we see police brutality in multiple scenes. We do not see unarmed men being shot we do see unarmed men being beaten. The brutality we see in the show is on a smaller scale of the brutality we see in reality.


  3. jpchown says:

    Your hyperlinks were very interesting, but you might want to be a little more careful on the David Simon attribution. He initially says he thinks the BLM response to Freddie Gray was entirely justified. As it went on he was worried about the “optics” of showing arson and other uncontrolled destruction. But is that a criticism of the media, the ones who actually control the “optics”? The media could dwell on something other than the destruction caused by certain individuals, not the entire movement. Hope what I am saying is clear there, but “optics” is as interesting term. The Wire supplies its own optics to the problem of urban poverty. Also, the actor who was playing Bodie was talking about an incident in Newark–another troubled urban environment.


  4. It’s really interesting to see how the actors and people behind The Wire think of the BLM movement, Racism and police brutality must be on their mind when they’re making the show. From the article you mentioned, it doesn’t seem like Simon is completely against the BLM movement; it seems like he’s against the violence and riots.


  5. I liked how you looked up what people on the show felt about the BLM movement in real life. I personally had trouble trying to connect the show with BLM but I didn’t think to look up the actor’s personal thoughts. That was very interesting to me and I ended up looking up the videos you mentioned myself. Next time, I would suggest incorporating them into your blog.


  6. Good take on the actor’s thoughts on the movement! I think it’s important to see how people who are not necessarily from Baltimore but worked there for many years react to incidents like Freddie Gray and their opinion on the movement as a whole.


  7. Bobby Mihov says:

    You’re inclusion of the views of the actors on the show regarding Black Lives Matter was helpful in shedding a light on some interesting opinions. I would like to play devil’s advocate and say that it didn’t seem as though police brutality spiked after Black Lives Matter gained traction in the public eye. It seemed, to me, that the spotlight grew bigger which has given us a hyperbolic, center stage view of the issue of police brutality. That’s not to say that it isn’t a major problem but just that it is being presented to us far more often on the news, etc.


  8. I don’t know if police brutality has increased since the Black Lives Matter movement started or if it is more talked about. The recording of police actions has increased, and the people who record those actions has changed. The police brutality may have increased, or the recordings of it may be more widely available. I’d have to look at statistics to be sure.


  9. Kenner says:

    Maybe you arent seeing the connection between The wire and BLM because this was so early for it to even be thought of a reoccuring issue. It was more ignored rather than addressed in my opinion. Its becoming more known because of social media and just about everyone having access to a camera phone


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