Character Analysis

Since starting The Wire we have met several characters that stick out. In my eyes, there is one character that stands out the most. Ever since we got introduced to Bubbles in the first season he has been a character that I have enjoyed watching and being able to learn about his every day life. In the early stages of class, we talked about how Bubbles went through many things to become the character who he is. I think this is one of the reasons why he sticks out to me the most.

Bubbles throughout his time with The Wire lived a pretty harsh life day in and day out. There wasn’t a time where he wasn’t part of the drug game. When he first got the job of being a junkie, he wasn’t in the drug game at all. Hbubblese had to be tossed around the corners and get the gist of things. For years, he spend time getting high and running through the streets of Baltimore being a crazy man.

One of the biggest things that I thought was interesting about him was that he took on such a hard job that he didn’t really know much about. He had to do drugs and potentially ruin and hurt his life for four years. In my eyes, that takes balls and dedication to the show because you pay severe consequences afterwards. It throws your life into something that it has never done before. You sit through four years of shows smoking, helping out the cops and stealing copper for money. It starts to take tool and Andre Royo (Bubbles) eventually went to rehab after the show. He was in such a state that he needed to go to rehab to get back on track with life.

In this video that I found, Bubbles is on the rooftop laying down watching out for the drug deal to go down while he is sitting on the rooftop. This shows his desperate need for the drugs considering that he doesn’t have much money and the money that he does eventually get is from something that he stole. I will have to give him that it was pretty impressive that he got the bag of drugs that fast on the hook but I believe someone else hooked it on there during production.

Recently in the show, Bubbles stole from a guy on a ladder with Johnny but there is one thing that has mainly stuck out to me when it came to this scene. Once Johnny got done robbing the man on the ladder, he looked around to see where Bubbles had gone and he wasn’t seen. Bubbles took off and left before Johnny could realize. Bubbles was always looking out for Johnny so instead of wanting a reward for helping him rob the man, he just took off and walked away. This goes to show that he has slightly changed since the first season. Overall, Bubbles seemed to be comedic, full of energy, and full of trouble.

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2 Responses to Character Analysis

  1. Great character to choose! The impressive thing is that he went to rehab after the show. He has always been a good character to follow throughout the series. You brought up some good scenes to talk about his drug problem. There is so much to talk about when it comes to a lot of the characters, and that is why this series has been great.


  2. jpchown says:

    Bubbs has so much going on beneath the surface. You mention the conscience displayed in the ladder scam–but he’s also very innovative in how he sets up id’s on drug criminals, gets money out of the cops, develops a t-shirt merchandising operation, and other things. We just hope he some day uses this intelligence to figure out how to kick the junk out of his system.


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