Reservoir Dogs

I’ve heard rumors on how good of a director Quentin Tarantino is. Before watching Reservoir Dogs I’ve never seen any other Tarantino films. I was open minded, and really had no idea about him. I find it very interesting on how he became such a big star from such a young age. He was your average person working at a movie store, and suddenly he drops out of high school. It’s hard for me to grasp how someone can just drop out of high school and in a few years just make millions of dollars. Enough talking about how he suddenly became famous, and let’s shift gears to Tarantino’s first film produced, Reservoir Dogs. 

Reservoir Dogs

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For Tarantino’s film debut, he was originally planning on having a very small budget. In the article I read, Tarantino stated that he was planning on using his friends to save some money, and perhaps act in his own film. Turns out Tarantino as seen above does act in his own film. Another hand in help for Tarantino was his producer, Lawrence Bender who was supposed to help out with being the character Nice Guy Eddie. This never panned out, but once production started the budget went from a minimal amount to $1.2 million dollars. Which then later makes Tarantino $2.8 million dollars in the box office.

Having been able to set such a high budget, Tarantino was able to attract some very popular stars. Let’s start out with Mr. Pink who was casted by Steve Buscemi. Buscemi has a huge list to his name including Waterboy, Fargo, Pulp Fiction, and more. Buscemi always seem to make me laugh. He was the first character that I recognized from the start of this movie. Another similar face that popped on the screen was Mr. Blonde who was casted by Michael Madsen. Madsen is a Chicago native and has starred in Sin City, Kill Bill, Free Willy, and more. One more face that stuck out to me was Mr. White who was casted by Harvey Keitel. Keitel has appeared in Taxi Driver, Pulp Fiction, and Scorsese’s Mean Streets. 

Another thing that I found interesting about Tarantino’s first film was that it went on to become a video game. It was a more in detail story of the diamond heist. The game encouraged taking hostages, and to avoid mass killing. The game features the entire soundtrack that was in the movie. Of all the actors in this guy, the famous Michael Madsen is the only one to provide his actual voice into the game. (Warning: this video can be graphic. Includes violence, and profanity).

In Australia, the game was taken off the shelves because it didn’t pass the Classification Board. Even taking it to another step, New Zealand made it not only banned for sale, but also illegal to possess or have a copy of the game.

Overall, this was Tarantino’s first film that he directed. He went from absolutely nothing to making millions of dollars. He was able to increase his budget from being small to a lot, which helped him find a good crew and good talent. I would recommend for others.

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12 Responses to Reservoir Dogs

  1. Do you feel it was banned in other countries due to its violence or its background? Most, if not all of Tarantino’s films are violent. There should not be a correlation between film and videogame, but it is. The film isn’t banned (to my knowledge), but the videogame is? There has to be more to it than that.


  2. I’m jealous that you haven’t seen any other Tarantino movies before this class. Inglorious Basterds which we will watch next week is one of my favorite movies. I also hadn’t seen Reservoir Dogs before being it in class though.


  3. rickypatrick says:

    Before taking this class I haven’t seen any other Tarantino films as well. It is great to see new films by different directors and I am open to learning about different people when it comes to cinematography work. Good Job!


  4. I never knew there was a game based off of Reservoir Dogs! That’s so cool that you added this aspect to your blog. It makes sense that such a violent movie inspired a video game.


  5. I liked that you added the video game angle to your blog. Definitely takes a difference stance on the subject of violence.


  6. chrismoyers says:

    The picture you used, of all of the characters walking, is such a great scene in the movie. You really have no idea what you are in for yet at this point but it sets up the viewer with the feeling that something pretty entertaining is coming up.


  7. I agree that his story of becoming a director is quite fascinating, but I’m surprised Reservoir Dogs was your first and only Tarantino film! I appreciate the bit about Reservoir Dogs becoming a video game because I didn’t know that. Think about how much violence and actual Tarantino representation it must’ve had for it to be banned over seas, lol.


  8. Mark Hosty says:

    It’s pretty uplifting to see Tarantino’s story of becoming a director! Now since this was your first movie from,him, are you going to be watching anything else from him? May I suggest Pulp Fiction?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. enprescott says:

    It’s good, in my opinion, that Reservoir Dogs was your first peek into the creative mind of Tarantino, as any of the other movies may have been a stopping point for some people due to their excess violence and gore. I didn’t know that Reservoir Dogs was made into a video game, so that’s interesting.


  10. Just Rhyan says:

    I had no idea they turned this movie into a video game. Not bad for a debut. I can see this game being banned just like other video games such as grand theft auto. Even though I truly enjoy playing violent games.


  11. Howard Bailey-Murray says:

    I thought the film was rather well made considering the budget. I suppose that being set mostly in a warehouse helped the bottom line. The whole Quentin Tarantino story kind of intrigues me. Video store clerk turned popular movie director. Only in America, huh? I could only hope for that kind of success.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. lorencoms390 says:

    I agree with the other commentators I like the picture. I creates an image as your readers read this blog. I have never seen Reservoir Dogs until this class but this blog gives me a very good idea of what it’s like.


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