Character Analysis

Since starting The Wire we have met several characters that stick out. In my eyes, there is one character that stands out the most. Ever since we got introduced to Bubbles in the first season he has been a character that I have enjoyed watching and being able to learn about his every day life. In the early stages of class, we talked about how Bubbles went through many things to become the character who he is. I think this is one of the reasons why he sticks out to me the most.

Bubbles throughout his time with The Wire lived a pretty harsh life day in and day out. There wasn’t a time where he wasn’t part of the drug game. When he first got the job of being a junkie, he wasn’t in the drug game at all. Hbubblese had to be tossed around the corners and get the gist of things. For years, he spend time getting high and running through the streets of Baltimore being a crazy man.

One of the biggest things that I thought was interesting about him was that he took on such a hard job that he didn’t really know much about. He had to do drugs and potentially ruin and hurt his life for four years. In my eyes, that takes balls and dedication to the show because you pay severe consequences afterwards. It throws your life into something that it has never done before. You sit through four years of shows smoking, helping out the cops and stealing copper for money. It starts to take tool and Andre Royo (Bubbles) eventually went to rehab after the show. He was in such a state that he needed to go to rehab to get back on track with life.

In this video that I found, Bubbles is on the rooftop laying down watching out for the drug deal to go down while he is sitting on the rooftop. This shows his desperate need for the drugs considering that he doesn’t have much money and the money that he does eventually get is from something that he stole. I will have to give him that it was pretty impressive that he got the bag of drugs that fast on the hook but I believe someone else hooked it on there during production.

Recently in the show, Bubbles stole from a guy on a ladder with Johnny but there is one thing that has mainly stuck out to me when it came to this scene. Once Johnny got done robbing the man on the ladder, he looked around to see where Bubbles had gone and he wasn’t seen. Bubbles took off and left before Johnny could realize. Bubbles was always looking out for Johnny so instead of wanting a reward for helping him rob the man, he just took off and walked away. This goes to show that he has slightly changed since the first season. Overall, Bubbles seemed to be comedic, full of energy, and full of trouble.

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Black Lives Matter

Throughout the time that we have watched The Wire, we’ve recognized that the show shows multiple aspects on Baltimore. The show focuses on one side of Baltimore and it is shown in violent ways. The way drugs are handled, the set up deaths, and police brutality.These are things that are in society that have been around since the start of this show.

Black lives matter has been around for a little while and hasn’t changed. The movements and protests are throughout the country. When it comes to Black lives matter and The Wire there isn’t much of a connection. We don’t see almost any protests when it comes down to things. Unarmed characters aren’t getting shot out of the blue. There is one thing that does connect and that is the police brutality. Much of this reflects on not only in the show, but our every day life.

Black men are going to be watched and treated differently than white men because of this. Police brutality in my eyes has increased since the whole Black Lives Matter thing has started. There are many examples of how black men get mistreated in The Wire. There are scenes where Bodie gx240-fm4ets beat by Kida and this goes to show how men are treated in this community.





In a video I found online, Bodie is being interviewed on how Baltimore police have treated him since the start of Black lives matter. He seems to be frustrated with them because he gets blamed for stuff that he never even started. The police pulled him out of the bar that he was in, and arrested him for just being there. They thought he was the one that said something bad to them and falsely arrested him. Bodie goes into deeper detail on how he thinks that this is starting to become a normal thing all around the country, just not in certain states. Bodie is from New York and he understands some kind of police brutality, but he says it’s never as bad as Baltimore was and is pursued in The Wire.

In an article I found online, David Simon is interviewed on his thoughts of the whole Black lives matter. In my eyes, it seems that Simon isn’t a fan of Black Lives Matter because he doesn’t understand why people have make something worse than it already is. He goes on to say that burning places down and rioting to make notice of things doesn’t help. Since Simon worked and grew up in Baltimore, he knows that the city is well over policed. The police come out of the cracks when people don’t give a shit. When places are getting burnt down and police officers are getting shot there is going to be an overload of police.He also makes a point that Baltimore wants less policing but the people of Baltimore react in with non-peaceful protests and make things worse. He just wants people to take a step back and realize what they’re going to do in the long run.

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The Ending to Season 2

When we watched the last episode of Season 2 in class I found the last scene that ended the series really interesting.

This is the scene where Nick Sobotka goes back towards the docks and stands by the fence. There is a lot of things that are happening in these closing last couple of minutes. The scene starts out with a wide shot of Nick walking up to the fence of the docks. You can tell that he is under a lot of stress and is clearly looking at something. Many of us thought something was going to happen because he had his back turned to the street, but nothing ends up happening. Nick knows he has to watch his back because they may be coming for him next.

I also found it interesting of the way the camera movement was chose in this scene. It starts off by slowly moving towards Nick’s head to show us the stress that he is in. The camera waits for a couple of seconds so that we as the audience really understands how he is feeling. The camera also kind of comes in from the back of him so it makes us believe that someone is going to come up from behind him and perhaps attack him.

Another thing that was interesting during this scene was when the construction worker was peeing on one of the containers and casually turned around and looked at the two cops that were sitting in the car. The construction worker started laughing and flipped off the two cops and turned the corner. I thought this was very interesting because usually if this was in the real world you could perhaps get into a lot of trouble for doing that. But what happened is that the cops just looked at each other and let him walk away. They just kind of accepted it and just let him go on with his life.

There was also a showing of Ziggy in jail which could have been held for a little bit longer. Since Ziggy is in jail, you would think that he doesn’t get much time to talk to people outside of jail. In the last episode we find out that Frank Sobotka dies, and clearly it has hit Nick pretty hard. Ziggy doesn’t know this news and I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with him. Not only because he is in jail, but because of the death of his Uncle.

The Greeks are the ones who killed Frank, and the police force were trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together before they could leave Baltimore. Unfortunately, they were not able to catch them in time. It was interesting to see the look on Lester Freamon’s face once he was taking the photos down off the evidence board. He stopped once he had the last picture up there. This picture was of The Greeks and Lester just stood there and stared at it for quite some time. He wanted to catch them but couldn’t.

The same thing happens at the end of the scene that happened in the beginning of the scene that I picked out. The camera focuses on just Nick, and follows him down the sidewalk. The camera pans to the left and watches as Nick keeps walking down the sidewalk next to the fence. The camera keeps going to the left and eventually pulls away from Nick and ends up showing the long sidewalk that he is headed down. In my head, I looked at it that the long sidewalk was the long road ahead for him and his family. nickysobotka_3007

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On to the next one

At first, I wasn’t that big of a fan about The Wire. It took many dragged on episodes for me to understand what the plot was, and what was really being said. There were some times where I had to watch several episodes more than once. In the end, it turns out to be good. These first couple of episodes in season 2 have really picked up and brought in my interest. These episodes leave me with wanting more, in which makes me watch more episodes.

I find it very interesting in the article that we read about 23 things you may not know about The Wire, is that during the whole five seasons of the show there was only one cop that shoots off his gun. This cop is known as Prez. He shot it off three times and it’s just really surprising because in your typical cop shows there are scenes of maybe not guns but certain weapons used all the time. You would think especially with the gangs in this show that there would be some sort of gun fire exchanged between the two.

In the start of season 2, we come to note that Jimmy McNulty is put on duty at the harbor. This is one place that he never wanted to work at. We also realize that there are a few new characters that have been added.

One of the characters right off the bat is Frank Sobotka. Frank is the boss the Baltimore docks, and basically decides what goes on. He has many deals including, “The Greek” whom he is smuggling containers for.the-wire-season-2-tv-show-image-frank-sobotka






In the first episode, Sobotka’s plan to smuggle the container fails and police officer Beatrice Russell finds the containers full of dead women. This puts a very fishy eye out for Frank. Later on in the episode Avon, who is still in prison, sends Stringer to New York to find out what is really going on. They paid for the drug supply but never received it. This goes to show that Avon is still trying to run his drug ward inside of prison while he is there.

In the second episode of Season 2, Frank Sobotka seems to be frustrated about these dead women in the container. He isn’t sure what the cause of the deaths were but he feels the need to pay a visit to “The Greeks”. I found it interesting after this that the case was put into officer Russell’s hands instead of a detectives. It makes more sense because she was the one that found the bodies. This brings back to the first episode where McNulty found the women floating dead on the water. He claims that this was something to do with this container. With more investigation, McNulty figures out that the containers breathing hole was crushed so that the women in the container suffocated and died. This episode makes you wonder what’s really going on and makes you want to keep watching episode after episode to find out.

In the third episode, a lot of things go on so you have to pay pretty close attention to what is happening. For me, I had to re-watch this episode because there was several things that were going on. One of the big things that popped out to me was that Lt. Cedric Daniels told McNulty he was going to be retiring soon. Frank Sobotka’s nephew Nick is having money troubles and calls for his cousin Ziggy to help him out. Since he isn’t in good shape, Nick and Ziggy steal goods from a container and sells the good to “The Greeks”. When you would think that Nick is trying to help his girlfriend and be a good guy he turns and does this kind of stuff. Avon’s demands led Stringer to keeping a close eye on the prison guard that has been harassing Avon. For some reason, he just has so much power in prison and it would interesting to get a behind the scenes look of it.

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Episodes 7-13

The first thing that caught my eye the most was the last episode to wrap up this season of The Wire.

Starting off with Greggs coming out of her coma and being able to point out one of the shooters. The one thing that was very noticeable to me was the fact that she didn’t want to point out the second shooter.Even though she didn’t see who was shooting, she refused to point to the person of who shot at her. This gives us a sense that Greggs wants to be able to heal up as fast as she can and get back on to duty. She wants to be able to go after the person that shot at her, and be able to work again. Instead of pointing out who she thought was the shooter, deep down you can tell she wants to get back on her own feet and work out the process of finding the shooter.

When Bunk and Daniels go to visit D’Angelo in jail he says that he wants to be given a second chance. He wants to be able to start over, and re-do what he just got himself into. He says, “I want to start over. I want to be able to go anywhere where I can breathe.” D’Angelo wants to be free again. He claims that he would give them the more detail on what they are looking for if he gets freed. the-wire-d





In episode 12, McNulty has trouble arresting Stringer when he really wanted to. It turned out that McNulty didn’t have enough evidence to arrest him right then and there. But in reality Daniels was able to take Avon off the streets because there was a tie there. McNulty feels like his job is just drifting away from him slowly, but he isn’t going to give up anytime soon.

Another thing that caught my eye was when there was some cross-action going on during Episode 10 and Episode 13. In episode 10, Bubbles is caught up in watching a drug deal going on around some kids at the park. By the look on his face, Bubbles looked to be concerned about this whole situation and really doesn’t look like he knows what to do about it. In my mind, Bubbles is starting to mature and slowly become the the_wire_bubblesadult he should be. In episode 13 though, he is shown going to steal copper on top of a van. I think it’s weird how they transitioned from giving a sense of maturity for Bubbles, and then in 3 episodes later, he is back to being the savage he already is.


In the upcoming episodes in Season 2, I’m hoping that Greggs makes it out of the hospital alive, and is able to find her shooters. I want to see her be able to get back on her feet and do her job of finding out whom shot her. I am also interested in seeing what’s going to happen to D’Angelo in jail. Will the Barksdale gang be defeated or will McNulty step up his game in the police world? We will soon find out!

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The Wire Episodes 1-6

The Wire has been hard to follow-up to this day. While watching The Wire, I feel the need to have to go back and re-watch certain parts of the episodes just to understand what I am watching. The pace of the show seems to go by slow, but the dialog and everything that is going on seems to go by fast. If you look away from what you are watching for a second, you may miss something that is a key part to the episode or whole series.

When we first started watching the first episode we were kind of thrown into the middle of an unknown scene. The man who was murdered was named Snot Boogie, and he was killed over a game which was later figured out by Detective McNulty. The suspect for Boogie’s killing is D’Angelo Barksdale, whom is part of the Barksdale gang. Barksdale is released because there was no evidence that he killed Boogie. McNulty feels like there is something fishy going on with Barksdale, and wants to keep a good close eye on him.

A scene that was very interesting to me happened pretty early on. The scene that I am referring to is when D’Angelo Barksdale believes that the inventor of the Chicken Nuggets was just someone who lived in a basement, and came up with that idea. He thinks that the owner of them are just in it for money, rather than power and leadership. He wants to make sure everyone knows that the owner is in it for the money, and not for anything else.

Wallace seems to back up the owner of the Chicken Nuggets, and he wants to have the last word after D’Angelo. He doesn’t think that this guy is just hanging out in the basement of some house. He’s not just here to make money. Wallace knows the metaphor of the business side of this, but he wants to make a stand to D’Angelo that he is wrong. I like that about Wallace.

Detective Ellis pushed Detective Greggs out of her bubble a little too far. I think it was a ballsy move that Detective Ellis asked Greggs when she realized that she was interested into women more than men. Normally, men wouldn’t just ask a girl when she suddenly realized that she liked the opposite sex. This draws up a question of is it because she is a cop in a mshakima-kima-greggs-300ale dominated career? Or is Detective Ellis just wanting to know the truth.




Bubbles is a character that makes me laugh. Obviously he has been through about everything, but it’s crazy what some people do for money. In the 6th episode, Johnny is back on the streets with Bubbles. To gain some drug money, they steal some copper and sell it for a small portion of money. There is clearly something wrong with them, and they need more help. All they want to do is steal, and buy more drugs. Johnny wants to buy more drugs, and goes out and does so. In the process, he is arrested by the police. Many would think that if he was already in rehab that it would have stopped him from doing more drugs, but as you can see he is back where he started.

The Wire has become more understanding the more I watch, and the more I read articles on it. This series is going to take some time to get used to and understand, but once you get going it’s not too shabby.

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Blog #1

Hi I’m Ryan Saunders. I like to say that I am an under average television viewer. I don’t like spending that much time watching television, because I’m usually working, playing hockey, or attending class. If you do find me watching television it is usually the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, and the Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. series. I’m a huge Chicago Blackhawks, and Chicago Cubs fan, so I try to watch every single game. On occasion I’ll watch Seinfeld or Two and a Half men, but it’s usually limited. I’ve heard very good things about the show Scandal, so I have recently started watching that.

I believe this upcoming challenge of watching three seasons of “The Wire” is going to be something new for everyone. I’m not sure about others but I’ve never really watched a show and had to blog my reactions to it. I think this will be an interesting new course for me and a lot of other people. Blogging makes you think of what the message, and story of the episode really is. I personally think it will be a challenge, but everyone has their own opinions so in some cases you can’t be wrong. The watching part of the three season of “The Wire” won’t be the hard part. If we wanted to, we could sit down and binge watch a whole ten episodes a day if you had the time. I like challenges, and I’m looking forward to this class.

I haven’t heard much comment on the Baltimore based television show. I’ve talked with a few people who have watched a little bit of the series, and they’ve told me pros and cons about it. Some have said that it is a very interesting television show, and some have said that it can be hard to understand if you aren’t paying close attention. From the small introduction we received on Thursday, “The Wire” showed to be tough to understand if you don’t pay close attention to the dialogue.

From this experience, I hope to become a better analyzer and writer of television shows. Like I said earlier, this is something new to me, and I would like to become stronger on my writing abilities when it comes to analyzing material. Being able to understand the television show is an important thing overall. I would also like to work on my ability to understand what the message/theme of an episode is. By doing that, this will help my writing abilities, and I’ll be able to write and explain myself better.

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